Installation of graphical user interface#

The graphical user interface (GUI) is recommended for users who prefer not to write scripts or type commands in a terminal window.


  1. Open a terminal window:
  2. Install Python:
    • Enter python3 --version (or if doesn’t work python --version) in the terminal window to see if it’s already installed (the answer should read Python 3.X.X where X is a number)

    • Python installation

  3. Install the necessary software versions straight from the repositories by copying the following instructions into the terminal window (use pip3 or pip otherwise):
    • pip3 install -U trafilatura[gui]

All instructions for the terminal window are followed by pressing the enter key.


Allow some time for the installation to run.

Getting started#

Just type trafilatura_gui in a terminal window and press the enter key.


Installation and terminal:

Mac OS X:

  • This program needs access to the screen... This problem is related to the way you installed Python or the shell you’re running:
    1. Clone the reposoitory and start with “pythonw trafilatura_gui/” (source)

    2. Configure your virtual environment (Python3 and wxpython 4.1.0)

Linux (Debian/Ubuntu):


Screenshot of the interface